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Sawt El Ghad Australia

Sawt El Ghad Australia /Radio 2moro

Radio 2Moro – Sawt El Ghad 1620 AM is the No.1 Arabic Radio station in Australia with 80% listenership (NWC & Associates, 2004)

Sawt El Ghad Australia is a twin Radio station to Sawt El Ghad Lebanon (No.1 FM Radio station in the Middle East),and a sister company to World Media International, the distributor of the most popular Arabic ,Greek & Italian Pay-TV channels in Australia

Radio 2moro incorporates breaking news, world events and concerts overseas via an alliance with substantial overseas radio network providers in the Middle East.
Our philosophy is simple – we DO NOT discriminate. We cater to both the younger and older generations as well as all music taste. Sawt El Ghad gives a diverse sound while allowing Arabic speaking people ‘to listen to their’ world with the latest local and international news.

Sawt El Ghad – Radio 2Moro is ‘TOP’ of the dial broadcasting since December 2002 24hours a day 7 days a week Sydney Wide, Australia Wide and World Wide.

Radio 2Moro’s Broadcasting method and coverage includes:

  • Traditional Broadcast on 1620AM (Sydney Wide Reach)
  • Satellite Radio broadcast on Intelsat 19 (Australia Wide Reach)
  • Online Simulcast via www.sawtelghad.com.au/listenlive (Worldwide Reach)
  • Mobile App. Simulcast:   iOs | iGhad App         Google Play | Sawtelghad/Radio 2Moro App. Worldwide Reach