The Death of Celine Rakan Remains a Mystery


The family of Celine Rakan , the child reportedly murdered by the family maid, left the country for Canada, leaving a child’s grave and an unsolved case behind.

In this regard, Tony Khalifeh revealed in his TV show a recording by Celine’s father Yasser Rakan that could hold the answers to many questions brought up by the media and the public.

Rakan stated that his daughter was killed a mere 3o minutes after he and his wife left the house, noting that she wasn’t at school at the time because the year was bound to start a week after the incident.

The father assured that the maid did indeed murder Celine, noting that he asked the family to undergo medical tests in fear that the latter had been poisoning their food.

“I didn’t notice the parts that were cut out of the surveillance video when I first watched it the day of the crime given the large crowds that were in the house that day,” he said.

Khalifeh also addressed during the same episode several rumors spread by the media, namely that the maid had revealed that she was raped at the age of ten, and that she suffered from manic episodes every once in a while.

Also leaked by the media was the maid’s statement that she wasn’t in full conscience at the time of the crime, and that she had forgotten about killing Celine.

A source close to the family revealed that the mother used to hide the knives in the house because she was scared the maid would hurt the family.

source: MTV Lebanon