Detainee Ibrahim Bohloq confesses


Detainee Ibrahim Bohloq confesses to the murder of LAF martyr Nour al-Jamal in Arsal

The state-run National News Agency reported on Friday that detainee Ibrahim Bohloq was behind the attack on a military post near Arsal’s technical school in August.
“Bohloq confessed to the murder of Lebanese Armed Forces martyr Nour Eddine al-Jamal,” the agency added.
On Thursday, the Lebanese army said it had arrested Ibrahim Bohloq at Arsal’s Wadi Hmeid checkpoint on charges of taking part in the Arsal clashes against the army in August.
During interrogations, the detainee confessed to being involved in a terrorist attack within a group of 65 gunmen on a military post in August, killing an officer.
On August 4, the Army Command- Orientation Directorate mourned LAF martyr Nour Eddine al-Jamal who was killed a day earlier in clashes between the army and terrorist groups in the northeastern border town of Arsal.
Lebanese soldiers traded fire with Islamist gunmen and shelled areas around Arsal, aiming to roll back the biggest incursion by militants into Lebanon since Syria’s civil war began.