Fattouch holds press conference


Fattouch holds press conference, says will not press charges against woman he allegedly punched

Deputy Nicolas Fattouch accused Justice Palace clerk Manale Daou of exceeding her limits as a public sector employee when she asked him to wait his turn, even though he was the “only citizen waiting in line.”

During a press conference held on Thursday, Fattouch said: “I told Daou that I am a deputy, a lawyer and a former minister but she rejected to file my complaint asking me to wait in turn.”

“Manale Daou confessed before the General Prosecutor Claude Karam that she does not know me,” MP Fattouch said, pointing out that the “she apologized and did not tell the General Prosecutor of an alleged assault.”

Regarding the complaint he was filing at the Baabda Justice Palace, the deputy clarified that contrary to media reports, it was not related to any sand or stone quarries but instead was of a personal nature.

“So much so, I had to file it myself due to the sensitivity of the matter at hand,” he stressed.

“I was filing a lawsuit on behalf of Mrs. Mona Pharaon, the wife of Minister Michel Pharaon, on charges of domestic violence and adultery.”

MP Fattouch also accused Justice Minister Ashraf Rifi of violating norms and regulations, stressing that he should have referred the dossier for judicial inspection instead of tackling the issue himself.

“By taking matters into your own hand and visiting me, you breached the provisions of the State Consultative Council,” he said.

As for public administration employees who held a protest in solidarity with Manale Daou, MP Fattouch demanded that they return to their offices and proceed with their work, emphasizing that authorities should have taken measures against them.

“I did not address Manale Daou as a woman; I addressed her as an employee. May God forgive her… I will not file a complaint against her,” MP Fattouch concluded.

Justice Palace employee Manale Daou recounted on Tuesday (October 21) to Justice Minister Achraf Rifi details of the assault that took place on Monday (October 20) against her at the hands of former minister and incumbent MP Nicolas Fattouch.

The incident had gone viral on social media platforms, where activists and citizens expressed their anger at Fattouch, voicing solidarity with Daou, mainly since the same MP previously submitted a draft law to extend the parliament’s mandate by 31 months, following the 17-month extension in 2013.

“I was sitting behind my desk when (Fattouch), whom I didn’t recognize, entered and asked where he could file a complaint. I directed him to where lawyers can submit their complaints and to where citizens can do so,” Daou told Rifi.

“At that point, the MP placed a paper on my desk,” she added.

“I was finishing another complaint in order to take care of his complaint, and as I was looking at the paper, he told me, ‘you are a woman without any morals’,” Daou said.

“I looked at him with surprise and told him three times, ‘Excuse me, why are you addressing me in such manner and who are you?’” she said.

“At that moment, his bodyguard entered the place and told me, ‘Minister Fattouch’,” Daou explained.

According to several media reports, Fattouch “punched” Manal on the neck and tried to press on with his attack before he was stopped by other employees.

“I did not tell the president (Judge) Claude (Karam) that he tried to beat me up,” Daou tells Rifi in a video that was leaked to media