ISIS Affiliates Plotting Attacks against Lebanese Army


European Diplomatic sources revealed to al-Akhbar newspaper that western intelligence acquired information relating to plots orchestrated by terrorist groups affiliated to ISIS in Tripoli targeting the Lebanese Army.

Revealed information also pointed out these groups’ readiness to execute armed attacks with attempts to take over borderline areas.

In this regard, Lebanese security sources assured the legitimacy of the information, noting that the take-over attempts will most probably fail to take place.

According to the said sources, the groups involve Syrian and Lebanese members and are plotting to attack Lebanese Army barracks.

The intelligence sources also revealed that the groups, close to the Nusra Front, are active in the vicinity of Rashaya and Arkoub, noting that some of the Front’s leaders have moved from Syria into Lebanon so as to hold talks with militants within the Lebanese territories.

 “Arkoub will not turn into Arsal,” the sources said, noting that its geographical and civil nature is why it hasn’t turned into an outlaw borough before.

source: Al-akhbar & MTV lebanon