Kahwaji Divulges Critical Info


Army Commander General Jean Kahwaji divulged that the Islamic State is relying on dormant cells in the northern city of Tripoli as well as on a number of Sunni forces in Lebanon, warning against ISIS’s ongoing stabs at inciting sectarian strife between Sunnis and Shiites.

Kahwaji noted to Le Figaro that the Islamic State seeks to establish a safe passage to the sea, which has been accessible neither in Syria nor in Iraq. He also deems said scheme as achievable in Lebanon given the fact that the Islamic State is endeavoring to link the Qalamoun front to Arsal and to Akkar respectively.

As for arms and ammunition that are required by the Lebanese Armed Forces, Kahwaji stressed the “need for aircrafts, most prominently attack helicopters or military helicopters as well as airborne back up for field troops. [we]have succeeded in equipping Puma helicopters with 400-kg missiles, but [we]still need more advanced weapons […].”

The Army Commander stressed that the LAF distinguishes between Syrian refugees and terrorists and has acquired pictures of wanted suspects and rebels that have found shelter inside refugee camps on the outskirts of Arsal. He further noted that soldier are able of great brutality with some, however, the torture that our soldiers have been subjected to, corroborates our reaction. The LAF is said to be open to any prove pertaining to incidents that have taken place so far.

Source: mtv