How to kill Garlic And Onion Breath


Garlic and onions are favored by numerous people with their various health benefits. Nonetheless, many of us choose to give them up due their bad smell.

In fact, no one wants to ruin dates or interviews just because of eating garlic or onion before. But here’s some good news: there is something you can do to minimize the bad effect if you cannot avoid eating onion or garlic.

Herein some home remedies for bad breath:

1- Brush your teeth and rinse your mouth thoroughly:

This will help you remove any onion or garlic particles left in your teeth and boosts fresh breath. You could make yourself odor-free by killing bacteria related to the bad smell.

2- Eat something minty:

The most convenient way to freshen your breath up is to eat some gum with minty flavors. If possible, you can chew some fresh parsley, drink mint tea and/or chew on mint leaves.

3- Consume some vegetables to counter the smell:

Vegetables like lemons, carrots and mushrooms are killers of bad breath. They are the enemy of onion and garlic.

4- Take some Green Tea:

Some substances in green tea can neutralize the compounds that result in bad smell in garlic and onion, according to studies.

In addition, water and lemonade can significantly reduce the bad odor in your mouth.

5- Some drinking may be helpful:

Alcohol intake can kill the bacteria in your mouth. Without a lingering aftertaste, a small shot of Vodka can do the thing.

6- Apply mustard:

Take a teaspoon of mustard and swish it around in your mouth for half a minute. Then spit them out and take another spoon. Lastly, swallow them up. This would help you get rid of the bad smell.

7- Keep good hygiene of your mouth:

Floss, mouthwash, water pick and tongue cleaner are all available for you.

Important Tips

• The garlic smell may also linger on your clothes. In that case, you could use some spray to cover it up such as cologne and perfume.

• If you are unable to deal with the disturbing odor, you can take garlic supplements. And you can cook them fully, hence reducing the side effects.

source: LBCI & The Health Digezt

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