Lebanese army conducts patrols in the northern towns


Calm prevails in Lebanese northern towns, army conducts patrols

Calm is prevailing on Monday morning in the northern regions of al-Menyeh, Bhannine and al-Mhammara where the Lebanese army has taken full control of the situation and conducted patrols to prevent any security breaches.

At dawn on Monday, the army detected the whereabouts of gunmen in al-Menyeh region and targeted them with artillery fire, killing one of the militants, a Lebanese national.

On Sunday, the Lebanese Armed Forces Command stressed that its units will continue the military operations in the region of al-Mhammara – al-Menyeh and its vicinity, where a military unit was attacked by an armed ambush set by a terrorist group. Four troops were killed, including two officers, during the clashes that followed the ambush, while others were wounded.

Fierce clashes had erupted on Sunday between the Lebanese army and gunmen in the town of Dhour Bhannine in the northern region of Akkar.

Earlier, a shell landed at the house of a citizen in al-Mhammara town, causing only material damage.

As well, the army announced that it seized three booby-trapped cars parked near the al-Salam-Bhannine school where the gunmen were situated.

It also discovered a weapons cache, military equipment, and 50 explosive devices.

The army also declared that it controlled the Acharq University and the al-Salam-Bhannine school, arresting several gunmen.

On Saturday, at least two army soldiers were killed and several others injured in an armed attack on a military vehicle in the Akkar area of al-Mhammara, which was followed by clashes with armed men “loyal to Sheikh Khaled Hoblos” and a failed attempt to abduct five soldiers.