Lebanese Army denies reports of new soldier abductions


The Lebanese Army denied allegations that soldiers had been kidnapped by jihadi militants in the past few days, according to comments carried by the state-run National News Agency Monday.

NNA said the Army command contacted the agency to deny “reports that had been circulated about the kidnapping of soldiers,” in reference to allegations that troops were snatched from the area of Brital, on Lebanon’s eastern border with Syria.

The claims about the new abductions came as tensions ran high following the killing of captive policeman Ali Bazzal by the Nusra Front three days earlier.

Families of the remaining 25 hostage servicemen being held by Nusra and ISIS lashed out at the government, accusing it of laxity and negligence in ending their sons’ four-month ordeal.

Bazzal’s family has vowed to take it out on Syrian refugees in Arsal, from where the servicemen were abducted in August, by blocking the entry of humanitarian aid to the border area.

Bazzal’s killing sparked violence against Syrian refugees in Akkar, in north Lebanon, where tents had been set on fire over the weekend. And early Sunday gunmen opened fire on a refugee gathering in Lebanon’s northeast, killing a Syrian boy and wounding an adult.

source: the dailystar