Lebanese Army Wins Best Mobile Government Service Award


The Lebanese Army ‘s mobile application “LAF Shield” won on Wednesday the Best Mobile Government Service Award sponsored by the UAE government. 

The “Best m-Government Service Award” is an annual award which aims to stimulate and encourage government entities to provide creative and innovative solutions via smart phone applications and mobile phones.

Below are the assessment criteria as defined by the organizing committee:

Efficiency and Effectiveness: this criterion focuses on the efficiency in terms of improving the service productivity such as reducing the time and effort and cost associated with the delivery of the service as well as the effectiveness of the application/solution and ability to solve a problem that deals with Public Service with high level of impact on society.

Ease of Use: this criterion focuses on the functionality that supports mobile transactions with high ease of use and satisfaction for interactions between the public and businesses and between governments.

Innovation: this criterion focuses on the “Wow!” factor – that is, the innovative use of technology or stand-out approaches for combining ideas in a creative and collaborative manner and developing a solution that is unique, original and new focusing on life event services that impact overall customer experience.


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