Lebanese star Maya Diab heats up ISIS fighters


‘Jihad John’ may well have been sexually perverted, according to a handwriting expert in the UK, but other Da’esh fighters seem to be on the level when it comes to the fairer sex.

And doesn’t the Lebanese babe Maya Diab know it.

ISIS jihadists, one of whom admired her gorgeous form in a tweet this week, are making the news and stirring up a storm with their rather strange request for the former model, singer and TV presenter.

“Islam Yakhoun,” an Egyptian man who appears to have recently joined ISIS, wrote, “Maya Diab is so hot, May God bless her and guide her to the path of Jihad Nikah.”

‘Jihad Nikah’ is Arabic for Sexual Jihad. It is a controversial practice where women place themselves in sexual comfort roles to fighters for the establishment of and Islamic state and is the basis for scores of European Muslim girls to leave Europe to go to Raqqa in Northern Syria.

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