Medical Negligence Kills Lebanese Youth – video


“A doctor’s mistake killed king Rony”: A different name to the same old game that is being played over and over again.

This time, the victim of medical negligence was 27 year old Rony. The patient, who had gone under the knife for a standard medical procedure at al-Rahi hospital in Sidon, failed to get out alive.

The doctor in charge of his case failed to check-up on him for 20 days, after which the standard procedure had turned into a nightmare that stole the life out of the young man.

Following Rony’s death, the doctor stopped answering his parents’ phone calls and went off the radar.

The case didn’t end there. When Tony Khalifeh sent his reporter Ali Ahmaz to inquire regarding the incident, he was forced to turn off his camera, had his phone stolen, data deleted and was violently beaten outside the hospital for searching for the truth.