Message from Superintendent Peter Lennon APM


The NSWPF are asking for calmness and continued positive communication amongst our communities – as Commissioner Scipione and Premier Baird have stated this incident should not change our lives, this is a time to come together, not be divided.

Police and community leaders are united in peace and will not tolerate bias motivated violence or targeting.  We must all monitor communities carefully for any extreme criticisms or serious concerns expressed in our communities, especially acts of retaliation, revenge or bias.  We all should be focusing on calmness amongst our friends, workmates, families, men, women and children.  Police will be present throughout our communities attending our shopping centres, schools, infrastructure sites and prayer houses over the coming days and weeks to show harmony and we are always available to assist.

There will be zero tolerance to bias motivated crimes against any part of the community.  All matters will be fully investigated, if offenders are identified they will be put before the Courts and the full force of the law will be applied.

The NSWPF will work with communities to ensure their safety and ensure they can live their daily lives without the fear of violence.

We would ask our community to advise us of any other ways we can reach out to our diverse communities to ensure the intent of NSWPF is heard far and wide.

The NSWPF urge our community brothers and sisters to go about their daily activities, however, if they see or hear anything suspicious to contact their local Police or if urgent ring 000.

Supt Peter Lennon APM

Local Area Commander

Fairfield LAC