Michel Sleiman visits Prime Minister


NNA – Prime Minister, Tammam Salam, on Tuesday met at the Grand Serail with former President Michel Sleiman over latest developments on the local scene, especially the presidential due date, in addition to the current juncture prevailing in the Arab region.

“This visit is to thank Premier Salam for the efforts he made before my term expired and for what we managed to achieve during the last stage of my mandate when he was in the government. That period was special and I reassured citizens that the state can assume its mission as a real one. Indeed, there have been crucial events, namely the security issue, the administrative appointments, and the livelihood matters,” Sleiman said on emerging.

“We discussed current affairs; ruling is continuity and today, the government is accountable as it works instead of the president of the republic. All officials must help the government and side by its head so that he should be able to carry out his mission amid the danger stalking us all, starting with Gaza and the brutal crimes being perpetrated against the Palestinians in front the entire world, besides the atrocity in Mosul where the features of the Middle East are being changes,” he continued.

“Today, we are witnessing a change in the history in Iraq. This is happening without any serious interference from the international community,” Sleiman deplored.

He went on to say that the presidential vacuum must be faced by implementing the Constitution.”The social contract among the Lebanese must be implemented (…) the solution lies in electing a president of the republic and then we go to the other due dates that are looming,” he stressed, maintaining that vacuum must be filled in the nearest time possible.”This is the possibility of all the political forces.”

In response to a question about the role he would play in the upcoming stage in order to maintain centralism, Sleiman avowed that he would carry on the positions he had soldiered on during his term and which were relevant to Lebanon’s sovereignty, the implementation of Baabda Declaration, devising a national defense strategy, and continuing the implementation of the decisions of the International Support Group for Lebanon, “because this is advantageous for Lebanon.”

On the possibility to found a political movement or party, the former president a wide political front devoted to implement Baabda Declaration could be formed.

Separately, Salam met today with UNIFIL Commander, General Paolo Serra, who came on a farewell visit upon the end of his mission in Lebanon.