MP Aoun: We will not extend the mandate of parliament


MP Aoun: We will not extend the mandate of parliament that has lost its credibility

Change and Reform bloc leader MP Michel Aoun stated on Tuesday that he is against the extension of parliament’s mandate, stressing that there are misleading interpretations and this issue is being approached in a wrong manner.

“We may not extend the term of a parliament that has lost its credibility and was not able to draft a new electoral law.”

Following the bloc’s weekly meeting at his residence in Rabieh, MP Aoun emphasized that there is no such thing as complete political void within the Lebanese state, since the parliament will be dissolved if elections are not held on the 20th of November.

Referring to article 74 of the Lebanese constitution, MP Aoun state that “the cabinet may call for holding the parliamentary elections at times when there is void at the presidential level and when the parliament is dissolved.”

Aoun said that the Orthodox Gathering electoral law is the only law that guarantees fair representation for all Lebanese factions, adding that it respects norms of national coexistence in Lebanon.

Regarding the participation of Change and Reform bloc deputies in Wednesday’s session (November 05) aimed at extending the mandate of parliament, MP Aoun noted that he will announce the bloc’s decision tomorrow, pointing out that the proposed extension will last for two years and seven months.

“If we agree, we will be extending our own mandate for a total of 4 years with complete disregard to the rights of people who elected us,” MP Aoun said