[PHOTOS] Lebanese woman gives birth to premature quintuplets in Tyre

The state-run National News Agency reported on Wednesday that a 24-year-old Lebanese woman gave birth to premature quintuplets in the southern city of Tyre.

Aya Jameel Haidar had quintuplets – three girls and two boys – at the Hospital of Jabal Amel in Tyre, the agency added.

“The mother is in good health after having undergone a caesarian section,” Doctor Kamel Yassine said.

Aya is married to Hussein Fawaz, who hails from the southern town of Debaal.

“The babies are stable, weigh between 1,000 grams and 1,300 grams and are now at the newborn Intensive Care Unit facility,” Yassine added.

Aya’s doctor Riad Ghareeb said, “she was infertile and had been undergoing treatment for the past two years, adding that her pregnancy had happened in a natural way.”

The parents called on the Lebanese government to provide them and the babies with the needed care amid the difficult economic situation.

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Source: LBCI