Saad Hariri says Lebanon is ‘Suffocating’


“Lebanon is suffocating” trumpeted former Prime Minister Saad Hariri; a truthful depiction of the ever-mounting number of Syrian refugees. Such intensive influx incited Hariri to call for international assistance so as to meet the needs of displaced and shore up the Army in its struggle against terror.

 In an interview to French magazine Le Figaro, Hariri reiterated his determination to elect a new President warning against the collapse of Lebanese coexistence as per the obstruction of state-institution activity due to presidential vacancy. He further noted that all exerted efforts aim at electing a Christian President so as to end the vacancy.

 On the 3 billion-dollar grant to the Army, Hariri noted that the matter is currently being mulled by France and Saudi Arabia, divulging that the aid will soon be finalized.

On another note, Hariri said he is doing his utmost to end the current power vacuum, noting that Lebanon is a symbol of tolerance and coexistence for the entire region.
“This symbol is currently under threat as the country’s institutions are on the brink of a breakdown amid the presidential void,” he warned.
Turning to the airstrikes launched by the international coalition on Islamic State targets, Hariri said the attacks are “necessary but insufficient”.